Development History

Development History


In 2016

Topode was established in Shenzhen this year. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangzhou Drive Joy Intelligent Logistics Ltd., (hereinafter called Drive Joy) became the one of first 299 NTOCCs (the NTOOC qualification is approved by Ministry of Transport of People's Repubulic of China) nationwide, and expanded the national logistics business based on Guangzhou.

In 2017

Shenzhen URland Network Technology Ltd., one of wholly-owned subsidiary of Topode, has been awarded the national high-tech enterprise certification. In the same year, Topode started capacity matching services in 7 provinces nationwide, and set up the LTL logistics carrier system synchronously.

In 2018

We set up the online consignor service system, together with the offline distribution centers ( 3 of them was officially executed into operation in 2018) to started the core business such as distribution sites operation, trunk-road transport, pickup and delivery, final mile trucking comparing with value-add service ( refueling, collective purchasing and finance compliance solution,etc).

2019 Till Now

We formulated the closed-loop of two major service systems——"consignors" and "carriers", and gradually systematize the service modules such as oil consumables supply, insurance, finance, tax raising, etc.

We are based on Guangzhou and have branches in all major cities in China, covering South China, East China, North China, Southwest China, central China and other key areas. At present, offline teams have been established in 15 provinces and cities across the country, which can quickly respond to the service needs of consignors and carriers.

With the construction of more off-line teams and offline distribution centers, the coverage of Topode's transportation service will have more extensive coverage and the response will be more rapid. It will provide consignors and carriers with competitive and efficient full chain logistics services from end to end.