James Wu

Founder and CEO
Senior investor in infrastructure projects with profound experience in entity management. As a long-term client of the logistics industry, James got a deep understanding of logistics and supply chain in the process of entity operation. With strong learning ability and crossover integration ability, he combines his perception of the logistics industry with entity operation theory and is devoted to creating a decentralized less-than-truckload logistics collaborative network with high efficiency.

Xiang Ye

Founder and managing director of VisionGain capital. Partner of VisionGain Qianhai fund with extensive experience in regulatory agencies, corporate finance, and investment banking. A senior adviser to the chairman of the Hong Kong SFC. The executive director of BOCI. Adviser to Goldman Sachs in Asia. Senior analyst at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). The member of the Hong Kong SFC public shareholders committee. Independent director of Digital China group. Independent director of Datang Environmental Technologies & Engineering Co., Ltd. Independent director of Rockchip. Used to be an independent director of UBS Securities. Awarded doctorate in international finance from the Graduate School of the people's Bank of China.

Brogle Zhang

Global CMO and Asia-Pacific chairman of Rothschild. Successively served as managing director of UBS capital management company in Hong Kong. CEO & Managing Director of Vontobel wealth management company.

Shirley Huang

The Fund Manager of VisionGain Capital and partner of VisionGain Qianhai fund. Successively served as vice president of Mount Kellett. The manager of the real estate investment team of Royal Bank of ScotlandGroup(RBS)and manager of the Investment Banking Department of JPMorgan Chase (Asia). Awarded MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor's degree from Fudan University.

Xiaohua Ke

Co-Founder and CMO,President of Guangzhou Drive Joy Intelligent Logistics Ltd.
Responsible for offline-operation projects and assists the CEO to participate in management, strategy, operations, and corporate development. Senior logistics management expert, with 22 years of experience in the traditional logistics industry. Ke has rich experience in each sector of the logistics field (including Liner Logistic,TPL, Logistics Real Estate and Logistics Parks). President of Guangdong Jiangxi Logistics Chamber of Commerce, President of Chongqing Jiangbei Logistics Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of Guangzhou Cohesion Supply Chain Chamber of Commerce.

Lixin Xu

Co-Founder and vice president
Responsible for online and offline coordination and management. Expert in modern enterprise management and cross-industry marketing with 18-year experience of C-level management. Xu is good at development strategy and the design of enterprise internal control systems. Used to work at Guangzhou Lingnan Cable Co. Ltd. as General Manager. During employment,Xu turned losses into gains for enterprise and made it into the leading industry in South China. In 2015, the company merged into the listed company Guangzhou Zhiguang Electric Co.Ltd.(Stock Code: 002169), and Xu joined TOPODE after that.

Yijun Yan

Co-Founder and vice president
Responsible for research & development and intellectual property (IT system development). Graduated with a Master's degree in computer science. 30-years experience in R&D project management. Sensitive to technology and market and have rich experience in computer and C-level management of Internet enterprises. Director of Shenzhen Linux public technology platform and project leader of "Shenzhen Green Computing Service Center" of national development and Reform Commission. Awarded the second prize of science and technology progress of Guangdong Province.

Changju Dai

Co-Founder and COO,Vice President of Guangzhou Drive Joy Intelligent Logistics Ltd.
Responsible for the overall management of the offline business. Highly motivated, with a strong sense of responsibility. He has a good overall view of business and risk control awareness. The former General Manager of the Financial Services Department of CNfinance Holdness Ltd.(NYSE CNF). Dai has a strong project executive force and rich experience in team building, system building, and marketing extension.