Tech Application

Technology will Become the Underlying Driving Force and Core Competitiveness to Constantly Move Logistics Industry Forward

For the logistics industry, the digitization of all logistics elements such as shippers, goods, vehicles, and waybills can drive the upgrade of the entire industry, turn digitalization into intelligence, and drive the entire logistics industry into a technology-intensive industry.

Topode combines GPS/BDS navigation satellite system, cloud computing technology, mobile Internet technology, intelligent recommendation matching technology and other related technologies, continuously promotes the overall application of new technologies in the logistics industry. In addition, Topode provides data-based standardized products for upstream shippers and logistics companies, helps in improving clients’ operation ability, promoting revolution of logistics and creating values.


With the support of computer hardware and software, it is easy to collect,store,manage,analyze,display and describe data that captured from the shipping process including ordering, delivery,etc.). It provides a technical basis for intelligent waybill, dynamic routing, package monitoring.

Big Data

It supports the storage, extraction, analysis and processing of a large number of complex data. Through statistical analysis of customer data, it realizes functions such as cargo management and capacity matching, and provides underlying technical support for Intelligent Matching and dynamic routing.


Cloud-computing centralized processes of big data, integrates cargo,vehicle,order and people, reduces personnel participation, realizes automatic management through software, provides basic IT infrastructure, and helps logistics enterprises transform into tech-driven enterprises.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology simulates the neural network, promotes deep learning and training, provides best matching plans for carriers.

Block chain

Block-chain technology connects the upstream and downstream of logistics enterprises, making the information of all parties transparent, and combining big data, cloud-computing, Internet and other technologies to provide underlying technical support for financial logistics and IT logistics.

Intelligent Matching

Relying on big data, cloud computing and other technologies, Topode enables customers to maximize utilize the space and load of truck, and make cargo and vehicle matched reasonably. This technology is one of the key technologies of Topode’s intelligent distributed LCL logistics ecosystem.

Dynamic Routing

We provide real-time routing service for capacity(carriers,fleets and drivers), which may automatically choose optimal trucking route before shipment, shortening trucking mileage, reducing overall costs(including time, human resource, fueling fee) and improving efficiency.

End-to-End Visibility

With GPS/GIS/BDS positioning technologies and auto-generated data, Topode is capable of real-time monitoring to the cargo’s and vehicle’s status (including various shipping information such as picked up, delivery,arrived, collection and abnormal-alarm) in trucking task, ensuring users obtain end-to-end transparency and real-time negotiation.