Consignor Services System

Customize our comprehensive services to all the needs of consignors.

General management

You are enabled to manage all elements of a freight including sales & purchase contract,carrier, capacity, vehicle, cargo, etc.,to meet all your needs.

Real-time transparency

With Topode application and help of base station and GPS/BDS, you may obtain real-time visibility from shipper pickup to deliveries. Our platform digitally connect you with trucking partners by collecting real-time data of people,truck and cargo,making it easy to recap historical data and get intelligent pre-alarm. Topode end-to-end service is helpful in improving efficiency , enhancing anti-risk ability and reducing costs, for both of consignors and logistic companies.

Online payment and settlement

you are capable to accomplish online payment and account settlement through our clould-based platform which is safe, fast and efficient. The system automatically generates transaction receipt of settlement and payment, and issues formal trucking receipts/invoices related to VAT for shippers.

Business Partnership Plan

Topode offers one-to-one service for consignors in our partnership plan.
To cater to the personalized requirement of clients, we provide upstream shippers with customized comprehensive services in the form of Topode partnership pattern. A multilevel service system is built with customized front-end and standardized intelligent middle & back-end to deliver the most cost-effective service and optimal user experience. 

The mature and efficient logistics carrier system, together with strong operation team and business & data middle platform, helps us to provide all-around support to maximize our partners' profitable value, and attract capable people with resource and  enthusiasm.