The company is positioned itself as the comprehensive operator of small-and-medium scale logistics,and is strive to promote the construction of info-based Eco-digitization of traditional logistics.

In the digitized logistics ecosystem, Topode offers application scene to finance business, and finance services enhances Topode’s overall business ability in return, and then these two may effectively be integrated in the strategy and business dimension, which constructs and deepens Topode’s “Logistics+Finance”ecosystem.

Operating LTL logistics business, people usually follow“shipper—TPL—dedicated logistics—fleet—drivers”process pattern to move freight from one place to another. However, in today’s marketplace, upstream shippers don’t offer quick pays and, instead, demand payment terms, which making “slow payment and cash flow” a critical issue.
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Delayed payments, high operational costs, rising fuel prices and strict legislation create cash flow challenges for LTL transportation entities, while these entities are normally encounter difficulties in traditional financing because of small-and-scattered scale, lack of credit data and under-level risk control. Topode integrates internet and logistics industry, gathers scattered entities together on Topode’s platform, gains historical transaction data, and then promotes revolution of logistics financing.

Freight Factoring for Shippers

Based on NVOCC/NTOCC mode, Topode provides freight factoring service for upstream shippers, advancing receivables to downstream carriers for 3 to 6 months, which reduce the financial pressure on shippers.

Freight Factoring for Carriers

Topode provides freight factoring service for downstream carriers, allowing trucking companies of all sizes to get receivables in advance, which addresses the problem of slow cash flow of carriers. What’s more, we pay freight fee on trucking company‘s behalf to drivers and fleets, and balance it after getting shipper’s payment.

Freight Factoring for Drivers

Topode issues drivers loan, refueling loan, or freight loan to drivers with the ability to repay according to their credit evaluation. Drivers can also get tire or refueling discounts from Topode.